Bridal Shopping is one of the most important tasks of the wedding planning. We are sure that being the bride you must be leaving no stone unturned to look like a dream in your gorgeous bridal lehenga on the D-day. There are many factors involved in the selection of the right lehenga for the wedding. We have also mentioned about Picking the Perfect Shade for your Wedding Lehenga as per Skin Tone in our earlier blogs. In this blog we are considering the fact, that even your height plays a major role in selecting the lehenga. You must be wondering what does your height have to do with the lehenga design, well the answer is, A LOT! There are some designs that flatter taller heights, whereas there are some designs that are more suitable for short-height girls. So, to ensure that you choose a lehenga that accentuates your body type perfectly, here we enlist some key points that you must remember while shopping for your wedding lehenga. For the TALL Brides Ditch monotones as single-hued lehengas will further make you look taller. You need to break the color monotony and go for a dual-toned lehenga or a design with broad border in some other contrasting shade You can also experiment a little like going for a layered & scalloped lehengas Select a lehenga with bold and bigger embroidery as it will make you look more impactful As you must be having a long torso so you should opt for a short choli to flaunt it For the MEDIUM Height Brides Trust us, anything and everything can suit your body frame. You can go with your and opt for traditional or experimental, We advise you to pick a lehenga that's not replete with big and boisterous embroideries. The borders should not be too thin or too broad. If you are planning to wear a high-neck blouse, then keep it low-waist to strike a balance! For the SHORT Height Brides Brides with short height should totally avoid bold and bigger patterns of embroidery Lehenga adorned with intricate and dainty designs are your thing When it comes to fabrics, go for light and breezy ones as stiff fabrics will further make you look shorter Avoid thick waistbands for your lehenga’s skirt. Instead, ditch the waistband or go for a minimal waistband Go for a monotone lehenga as only one color flowing from top to bottom will create an illusion of height Refrain from lehengas horizontal work and choose the one with vertical adornments like panels and paisleys instead as it will create an illusion of height and make you look taller. Go for a short blouse and a low-waist lehenga so as to keep the midriff bare. Doing so will not make you look petite. Also, don’t go for lehengas with broad borders. You must consider a lehenga with no border or with a minimal one We hope this will help you to select a perfect lehenga for your D-Day!

A Complete Bridal Guide for Choosing the Lehenga According to your Height!

By Ridhima Arora | June 17, 2019

Bridal Shopping is one of the most important tasks of wedding planning. We are sure that being the bride you must be leaving no stone unturned to look like a dream in your gorgeous bridal leheng

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