Top 5 Wedding Magazines To Read For Your Wedding Planning

Top 5 Wedding Magazines To Read For Your Wedding Planning

By Ridhima Arora | May 27, 2019

As soon as the wedding date gets fixed, the bride starts looking for the best options for her wedding. Be it, the venue, dress, makeup, jewellery, shoes and what not, you need everything to be p

12 Month Wedding Planning Guide

A Foolproof Guide To Plan Your Wedding!

By Ridhima Arora | March 20, 2019

Everyone gets jitters when we talk about wedding planning as it is the most important and awaited day of your life. Even the thought of it has an ability to trigger a good amount of adrenaline r

Venues by Summer weddings in Delhi NCR

Best Venues for Summer Wedding in Delhi NCR

By Ridhima Arora | March 18, 2019

Delhi Weddings are known to be the best amongst all. The grandeur, décor as well as the fun-filled pre-wedding ceremonies are more than just mere celebrations here. But, when it comes to summer

Chand Bagh by Ferns N Petals

How FNP Gardens’ newest venue setting #WeddingGoals?

By Ridhima Arora | March 10, 2019

Weddings are one of the most extravagant affairs that are celebrated after months of planning. The most important decision of this celebration is picking out the best venue for the wedding that

Selecting wedding venues

Useful tips to book the right venue for your wedding

By Ridhima Arora | March 5, 2019

An Indian wedding is one the dreamiest celebration as it is one of the most special days of someone’s life. The whole week celebration with all and near and dear ones requires a lot of plannin

Weddings Invites

Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting Your Wedding Invites

By Ridhima Arora | February 13, 2019

A wedding is one of the most extravagant events of a person’s life and it is said that your wedding invitation, offers the first look of your wedding to the guests. Therefore, they have to be

Winter Weddings

5 Unexpected Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

By Ridhima Arora | January 23, 2019

Winter – the time of love and slower days– ideal time get married. Everybody is in love with this romantic and ambient time. Winter is surely magical which is missing during the times of sum

Venues by FNP Gardens

How venues by FNP Gardens are making every celebration an extravagant affair?

By Ridhima Arora | January 21, 2019

Weddings in India are not just about organizing events. It is a time of grand celebrations and creating memories for life. It’s an occasion where two worlds come together and start a new journ

Wedding Calendar 2019

What will be the best marriage dates for your wedding in 2019?

By Ridhima Arora | January 4, 2019

The year 2019 is here and if you are planning your wedding in this year then you must be keen on finding a suitable marriage date in 2019! We all are aware that finding the right Hindu wedding d

How your Wedding should look like as per your Zodiac Sign?

By Ridhima Arora | October 9, 2018

Everyone is well aware of the importance of the stars’ alignment or the role they play in predicting someone’s future, education, career, wedding as well as their partner. The zodiac sign is

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