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What are the dos and don’ts of a Winter Wedding?

By Ridhima Arora | November 21, 2019

What are the dos and don’ts of a Winter Wedding?

We all would agree with the fact that winters are the best time to organize weddings. They offer a comfortable weather to get decked up and have a sweat free enjoyment. Plus, colder weather offers a romantic ambience that make us love winter weddings. We have discussed about winter wedding themes  as well as some tips for planning one in our previous blogs. But now, we want to discuss about few things that you shouldn’t overlook during the planning process. 

So, check out some top dos and don’ts for planning a winter wedding that will help you plan a perfect one…


  • Go for bold colours as well as textures for your wedding or other functions’ décor

You can choose reds and golds to make your celebrations look all pretty in winters. When it comes to textures go for velvets and silks that will add depth to these bold colours.

  • Always the keep the cold weather in your mind

The weather conditions will influence the availability of certain foods as well as flowers in the market. So while planning be wary of the these factors that can affect your décor as well as menu for the wedding functions.

  • Pick your outfit accordingly 

You can’t go for lighter fabrics like georgettes or laces for your weddings. Instead go for winter friendly fabrics such as silks and velvets that too in bold colours such as red, gold, blue, wine or green colour. 

  • Choose an indoor venue

Winters can be tad bit uncomfortable, so its advised to book a closed banquet kind of setting that will be comfortable for you as well as your guests. You won’t want your guests to shiver in cold in open. 

  • Make necessary arrangements

If you are planning to get married in an open lawn kind of setting, then it is advised to arrange some bonfires or heaters to keep your guests cozy and warm. This will help them to stay longer in the wedding function


  • Don’t stick to just Winter Wonderland theme

We know its winters, you must be inclined towards that dreamy white wonderland theme. But, it’s too passé now, there are so many new themes as well as bold colours trending nowadays that can make your winter wedding look ethereal. 

  • Not taking pictures in the outdoors

If you have planned a winter wedding then it does not mean that you are just confined to taking pictures indoors only.  We know it will be a little cold outside, but you can still coordinate beautiful pictures with your photographer. Also, there are some areas where the sky gets darker earlier in the day, so work with your photographer to create a timeline that lends itself to suitable lighting.

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