New Entertainment Ideas for Weddings in 2018-19

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  • September 25, 2018
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Every wedding affair needs to be cherished for life and with some entertaining elements to spice up the ritualistic moments, and to add your individuality in the occasion. Whether you are organizing your sangeet, mehendi, cocktail or wedding, the entertainment is a crucial aspect that could be arranged everywhere. Even the guests at the wedding await some entertainment with such high hopes. Below we have listed the top 5 wedding entertainment trends for year 2018-19.


Interactive Live Performances

There is nothing more entertaining than an artist giving a live performance and the whole crowd dancing on their tunes. This kind of entertainment is very popular and it never goes wrong. 


Creative Dance Floors

In Indian Weddings the Entertainment quotient has totally amped up especially with some attractive dance floors made of marble or hard wood dance floors, especially the ones that match the themes of entire decor. These creative dance floors surely add a pop of innovation to the décor.


Fun Gaming Sessions

It is the most fun way to indulge the bride, the groom and the whole crowd into something really entertaining. It can be question & answer game or anything interesting to make the event more memorable.


How about inviting standup comedians?

It is indeed one of the most loved entertainment modes of the year. This idea is surely taking the wedding entertainment by storm. Hiring stand-up comedians will surely tickle everyone’s funny bone and result in making some great memories.


Let’s not forget the After Party!

An After Party is a must after the wedding… as it is the real party that everyone can enjoy including the bride as well as the groom. This party can only be an affair with the close buddies and the loved ones.


If you got any fun ideas to share then you can share some in the comments below…




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