Why do Indian Brides wear Red?

By Ridhima Arora | October 22, 2018

In Indian Weddings, the color red holds a great importance. Since so many years the color red has been a constant companion of Indian brides. This color has been considered to be the symbol of life- a new life. The color red is an integral part of any Indian wedding in one way or the …

An Ultimate Guide to Color Coordinate Outfits With Your Groom

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

As the wedding approaches, the main concern for the bride as well as the groom is their outfits. With the changing trends everyone desires to be dressed in the best outfits. Nowadays, most couples decide on coordinating their outfits for their functions. Some couples like to match each and every det

Bollywood Brides that totally took our breath away!

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

Being a bride is not at all an easy task and if you are still pondering over the perfect attire for your wedding day, take a cue from your favorite Bollywood divas. Here we tell you how stunning our Bollywood actresses looked at their real-life wedding, which left us speechless with their beauty. So

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