How your Wedding should look like as per your Zodiac Sign?

By Ridhima Arora | October 9, 2018

Everyone is well aware of the importance of the stars’ alignment or the role they play in predicting someone’s future, education, career, wedding as well as their partner. The zodiac sign is really important and it influences almost every aspect of life even the wedding day! The researchers also

Cool summer wedding ideas to splurge on!

By Ridhima Arora | September 25, 2018

There is no doubt that summer weddings have their own kind of vibe that makes them different from winter weddings. The type of décor, colors used, cool refreshments as well as arrangements adds a very refreshing touch to summer weddings. There are abundant choices of wedding venues in Delhi that of

Latest Trends that are Stealing the Show this Wedding Season!

By Ridhima Arora | September 25, 2018

The wedding fraternity is continuously coming up with really fab and amazing ideas. Each and every year as the wedding season approaches, there are some of the new ‘winning elements’ that can be spotted that steals the show. The last year was filled with so many unique trends like floral kaleera

Top 7 Wedding caterers in Delhi NCR

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

The glory of any wedding depends upon three major factors- venues, décor and food. The wedding venues in Delhi as well as décor go hand in hand. After their finalization, there comes the food, which has the ability to cast a strong impression on the tongues as well as the minds of the guests. The

Trending themes and ideas that has taken over the Indian Weddings

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

A glammed up wedding is something everyone dreams of. No doubt, every couple wants their D-Day to be perfect that also results in creating timeless memories for them as well all the guests. The key role in making a wedding celebration a success is played by the décor.  The whole setup is respo

Stunning Bridal outfits that totally took our breath away!!

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

With changing trends every day, every bride dreams of a unique attire for her wedding. There is so much of thought process behind every perfect bridal outfit. It’s not at all an easy task to get your hands on a perfect lehenga! And, its not just about colors- there so many new silhouettes and

How permanent setups at venues are stealing the show this wedding season?

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

Every wedding has a story to tell which mainly depends upon the setting of the story. The wedding venues have a major role to play in creating timeless memories. Ferns N Petals boasts of some ethereal wedding venues that are constructed in a way to offer a perfect place to celebrate your perfect wed

What will be the best marriage dates for your wedding in 2018?

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

Year 2018 is here and if you are planning your wedding in the next year then you must be keen on finding a suitable date! We all are aware that finding a right date as per the Hindu calendar can be a tedious task… Above that, the couples should be totally aware of the options …

Get ready to be surprised by the new wedding trends in 2018!

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

New year, new influx of novel wedding trends to get excited about! There are plenty of wedding traditions that the couples want to stick with, which are noted as timeless themes. But, there are some fresh wedding trends in 2018 that will help you set your big day apart from the rest. Modern Aestheti

Unique themes for an unforgettable Cocktail function!

By Ridhima Arora | September 24, 2018

A cocktail’s décor should be extraordinary, as it is the fine moment to celebrate before tying the knot. As the new trends coming up, everyone desires to have a unique theme for their cocktail party. Once you know what the size/budget is of the event, you can start brainstorming party theme ideas

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